mercredi 13 mai 2020

Version anglaise : Vicilization - The Fall - Book one

A l´occasion de la sortie de Vicilisation "La Chute" traduit en anglais en mai 2020, les couvertures de la version française et anglaise ont été synchronisées et ornées d´un "Tome 1",  annonçant la sortie du tome 2 pour l´année prochaine.
Vicilization "The Fall" is the story of an adventure taking place in our own time.
In Europe, the economic crisis worsens, social and religious tensions grow, and terrorist attacks multiply. Western civilization teeters on the brink, then suddenly falls. Cities already prone to poverty and riots are the first to crumble.
Jacques, a young architect in Paris, is forced onto the road of exile. To survive, he must face and overcome the unthinkable. His spectacular journey across a land sinking into anarchy reveals what many will never witness: the twilight of a civilization.
But in the midst of all the violence, fear and doubt, a fragile hope is born. How far will Jacques go to defend it? And to emerge from the chaos, what will he be capable of accomplishing?

And you, what would you do?

Les deux tomes de Vicilisation sont sur le podium des ventes chez Amazon !

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